If you have an old, tired or broken diesel engine that needs fixing, replacing or reconditioning you have most likely found the right place.

At DieselWorks we rebuild:
-Nanni Diesel
-Volvo Penta

Diesel Engines for Trucks, Skid-Steers, Excavators, Generators, Boats, Mowers and for many other type of machinery.

Z500 Z600 Z650 Z750
D650 D722 D750 D850 D905 D950 D1105 D1305 D1402 D1403 L2000 L2202
v1100 v1200 v1301 v1302 v1501 v1502 v1505 v1702 v1703 v1902 v1903 v2203 v2403 v2607 v3300 v3800

3TNE68 3TNA68 3TNA72 3TNE72 3TNE82 3TNE84 3D84 3TNE88 3TNA88
4TNE84 4TNE88 4TNE94 4TNE98 and more

These are just some models that we have recently worked on.